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Our Partners

The true value of Philliou Partners surfaces in the way we work with our clients and the results we jointly achieve.

Our partners and clients come from nearly every industry, from the US and Internationally. Payment is typically critical to the success of many market segments, -- but should be seamless, convenient, simple, and low cost.


We treat every partner, client, and project with the utmost in integrity and confidentiality. We are pleased to offer client lists privately upon request, subject to client approval.


We are pleased to offer personal, solid references in regards to working with Philliou Partners. We believe that every program, project, or assignment is important, no matter how large or how small. So, you will get our full commitment on everything we do for you. We believe in honesty, meeting our commitments, and successful results that exceed expectations. We encourage you to speak with our current partners to see for yourself!


Some of our Partners include:

  • Retail Banks
  • Credit Card Issuers
  • CoBranding Specialists
  • Retailers, online and
    brick & mortar
  • Airlines
  • Entertainment Companies
  • Travel Related Companies
  • Financial Institutions
  • CoBrand Partners
  • Affinity Groups
  • Payment Providers
  • Venture Capitalists