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Our business is guided by the following principles, which we apply to every client relationship.


Our management team has extensive blue chip industry experience. Yet resumes from leading healthcare and global payments companies should do more than provide insights and perspectives. Our hands-on experience guarantees that the solutions we deliver work, both in the field and in the board room.


Backed by technological savvy, we go beyond the development of sound recommendations and see an assignment through to implementation. A keen understanding of business operations helps ensure that our solutions coexist with your existing products and practices.


Our approach is built upon flexibility. We find ways to work within, around, and alongside your current state of business, both operationally and financially. It's a function of experience and ingenuity: because we've lived through numerous corporate constraints, we understand common pitfalls and roadblocks and are adept at finding ways around them.


After years of success in the corporate world, we have found greener grass in the consulting arena. The energy and enthusiasm we bring to work every day is apparent in our work ethic and our approach.